First Post Fatalism

On navigating the murky waters of the blogosphere


First Post Fatalism

I mentioned in a recent email to my father that I was considering starting a blog – but that I was also concerned that doing so would entail transforming into a massive narcissist, or at the very least sounding like someone who has. I mean, isn’t there something inherently pretentious and self-aggrandizing about creating a platform specifically to showcase one’s
opinions, ideas, projects, and personality?

My father concurred. “Frankly, there’s no way of explaining our  personalities, philosophies, and interests without coming across as a bit
of a nob,” he replied.

Excellent. I am either utterly impersonal, or doomed.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to create a blog in the hope that it can act as a companion to the writing that I have published elsewhere, as well as other interests of mine. Alternatively, it can at least be a nice place for me to communicate with far-away friends, jabber on about the subjects of my
choice, and abuse semi-colons at my leisure.

Thank you for visiting!