[L-R]: Nancy Jin and Rosalind Moran with initial print run of These Strange Outcrops.
Credit: Jamila Toderas for The Canberra Times.

I am an experienced editor and am currently co-managing and editing Cicerone Journal, an Australian literary publication founded in mid-2018. In the space of one year, Cicerone Journal went from non-existent to being awarded two competitive arts grants worth a total of over $13,000.

In March 2020, Cicerone Journal published a collection of short fiction, poetry and visual art titled ‘These Strange Outcrops: Writing and Art from Canberra’. My co-editor Nancy Jin and I sourced, compiled, and edited the work featured in the collection.

My involvement with Cicerone Journal includes:
– Co-founding the journal and continuing to work as one of its editors.
– Developing the journal’s vision and brand.
– Sourcing writing, liaising with contributors, and reaching out to other authors and publications to help build the journal’s network.
– Establishing and managing the journal’s social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as its website.
– Coordinating external promotional opportunities, press, and grant applications – which includes developing and pitching detailed budgets.

Cicerone Journal was awarded over $11,000 by the ACT Government for its Canberra Writing Anthology Project and $2000 by YWCA Canberra for its Living Letters initiative.

Cicerone Journal can be found at www.ciceronejournal.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Other editing experience includes one year as an editor with Demos Journal, from January 2017 to December 2017. During my time with Demos Journal, I notably boosted the publication’s poetry profile and contributed research into local activism.

In 2017, I also established a multilingual publication as part of the Australian National University’s largest student newspaper, Woroni. According to the Woroni board, an integrated multilingual publication had never yet been attempted by student media at any of Australia’s major universities. In this sense, Woroni Multilingual was a pioneering venture.

My role as founding editor of Woroni Multilingual included:
– Creating and launching Woroni’s multilingual sub-publication in 2017. I outlined its parameters, publicised it, and established its web presence.
– Sourcing content in non-English languages and working with contributors, editors, academics, and translators to publish high-quality writing.
– Using my own language skills to assess content when possible. This resulted in me translating Mandarin and French articles into English for Woroni’s website. I also contributed a piece in Italian.

Woroni continues to publish multilingual content to this day.

I have also been selected as a judge twice for the Global Undergraduate Awards‘ Literature category (2019 and 2020). I assessed original research essays of up to 5000 words and debated with fellow judges to help decide a winner.