List of selected publications and miscellanea
Kindling II
Kindling II


2019 June Shenfield Poetry Award – runner-up for poem ‘Keeping My Wits About Me’.

The Undergraduate Awards: Global Winner of the Music, Film and Theatre category in 2018, and Highly Commended in the Literature category in 2017.

“An Individual Reflects” – an award-winning essay for the 2017 Writers’ Square Essay Contest (Session 1, undergraduate and graduate division). It can be accessed here.

“Hearing His Stories” – an award-winning essay for the 2016 Writers’ Square Essay Contest (Session 1, undergraduate and graduate division). It can be accessed here.


Non-fiction, Essays, and Reviews:


(2020). ‘Adversity, stories, community, and speaking up’: a review of Sally Rugg’s “How Powerful We Are”, by Rosalind Moran. The Lifted Brow, [online] 24 January. Available here.

(2020). Book review: Blueberries by Ellena Savage. ArtsHub, [online] 28 April. Available here.

(2020). Book review: Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee-Browne. ArtsHub, [online] 16 April. Available here.

(2020). Book review: Family Trees by Michael Farrell. ArtsHub, [online] 11 June. Available here.

(2020). Book review: I Give My Marriage A Year by Holly Wainwright. ArtsHub, [online] 6 October. Available here.

(2020). Book review: Ordinary Matter by Laura Elvery. ArtsHub, [online] 29 September. Available here.

(2020). Book review: Sexy Female Murderesses by Eloise Grills. Rabbit Poetry Journal, Issue 30, 236-240.

(2020). ‘Do we have any reviewers tonight?’ A review of St Nicholas. New Territory, [online] 12 June. Available here.

(2020). “Do you value yourself?” A review of Breaking The Castle. New Territory, [online] 10 March. Available here

(2020). Fauna by Donna Mazza. Australian Book Review, [online] June-July 2020, no. 422. Available here

(2020). From the ashes. Craft ACT, [online] 9 March. Available here.

(2020). KYD‘s July Culture Picks (contributing reviewer). Kill Your Darlings, [online] 4 August. Available here.

(2020). Must be the Season of the Bitch: Women in Horror. Varsity, [online] October 21. Available here.

(2020). My classes are all online – so why am I paying the same pre-Covid university fees? Prospect Magazine, [online] 18 August. Available here

(2020). Sharlene Teo, Ponti (Book Review). Whispering Gums, [online] 8 January. Available here.

(2020). The Joy of ‘Bad’ Art. Kill Your Darlings, [online] 13 July. Available here

(2020). The hidden art exhibition that is all about connection. Craft ACT, [online] 27 May. Available here.

(2020). Turning local creative initiatives into dying arts. The Canberra Times, [online] 20 March. Available here


(2019). A Doll’s House, Part 2 opens a troubling door. New Territory, [online] 12 July. Available here.

(2019). Absences and presences: appreciating the power of the cartoon. New Territory, [online] 25 June. Available here.

(2019). “Are we a Country who listens?” New Territory, [online] 22 December. Available here.

(2019). BRUCE: the one-puppet show that turned a foam mattress into a star. New Territory, [online] 11 July. Available here.

(2019). Buried words and buried women: Review of ‘Listen, bitch’. BroadAgenda, [online] 21 November. Available here.

(2019). Changing faces: a review of the National Portrait Gallery’s Women in Vogue exhibition. New Territory, [online] 7 November. Available here.

(2019). Death by a thousand cuts: Australia, the arts, and the modern university. Demos Journal, Issue 9: The University (magazine), 32-34. Available online here.

(2019). Saw Maura Pierlot’s Fragments; tried not to fall to pieces. New Territory, [online] 21 November. Available here.

(2019). Meaty Matters – and our insistence on having beef with vegans. New Territory, [online] 26 September. Available here.

(2019). Metamorphosis and A Night in the Arms of Kafka: many limbs, much brilliance. New Territory, [online] 1 October. Available here.

(2019). Review: Alice Robinson’s The Glad Shout. Feminartsy, [online] 2 May. Available here.

(2019). What I’m Reading. Meanjin, [online] 16 January. Available here

(2019). Why Speeches Matter – a Canberra Writers Festival event. New Territory, [online] 15 October. Available here.


(2018). Bi Choice. Overland, [online] 21 September. Available here.


(2017). Fire, Fire, burning blight. ScienceWise, [online] 3 July. Available here.

(2017).  Il Matrimonio? Preferisco Guidare Il Mio Motorino In Giro Per L’Africa Prima (Marriage? I’d Rather Ride My Scooter Around Africa First). Woroni, [online] 24 March. Available here.

(2017). On theses, keeping it real, and Edgar Allan Poetry. ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences, [online] 6 July. Available here.

(2017). Self-help, Beauty Privilege, and the Truth About Confidence. Lip Magazine, [online] 17 February. Available here.

(2017). The Politics of Self-Deprecation. Bossy, 2017 magazine, 72-74. Available here.

(2017). Translator, Traitor. Capital Letters: Blog of the ACT Writers Centre, [online] 20 September. Available here.

(2017). Ultimate Guide: 9 Fiction Genres You Should Know About. Writer’s Edit, [online] 18 September. Available here.

(2017). Writing Wrongs. The Feminist Wire, [online] 24 April. Available here.


(2016).  Brood For Thought: On The Enduring Appeal Of The Moody Male Lead. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Of America, [online] 11 November. Available here.

(2016). Bottoms up? A recto-verso residency. Art News Portal, [online] 11 July. Available here.

(2016). Embodying Character: Physical Symbolism or Lazy Stereotypes? Capital Letters: Blog of the ACT Writers Centre, [online] 19 September. Available here.

(2016). Horses Are Not Machines: On Writing the Steeds of Fantasy Fiction. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Of America, [online] 18 October. Available here.

(2016). Ignoble Prizes? Bob Dylan’s excellence and the snubbing of everybody else’s. Art News Portal, [online] 21 October. Available here.

(2016). Same Words, Different Tongues. Demos Journal, [online] 19 July. Available here.

(2016). Stop Commenting on How Much She Eats. The Feminist Wire, [online] 15 August. Available here.

(2016). The Byronic Hero’s Path: A Torturous Road. Capital Letters: Blog of the ACT Writers Centre, [online] 4 July. Available here.

(2016). We Have To Talk About Women’s Fiction. Capital Letters: Blog of the ACT Writers Centre, [online] 31 May. Available here.

(2016). What Makes Literature ‘Australian’? Capital Letters: Blog of the ACT Writers Centre, [online] 6 August. Available here.



(2017). 13 DIY Fashion Staples for the Radical Feminist – Functional and Fabulous! Bossy, 2017 magazine, 100. Available here.

(2020). Hello, I Am A Freelance Writer Who Specializes in Judging Meghan Markle. Little Old Lady Comedy, [online] January 17. Available here.

(2020). I Possess The Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe – But First, My Life Story. Little Old Lady Comedy, [online] August 19. Available here

(2019). List: Passive-Aggressive Co-Worker Or Your Domestic Shorthair? Points in Case, [online] 16 December. Available here.

(2020). Macho recycling tips for the very straight manly man. Queen Mob’s Tea House, [online] 7 May. Available here

(2020). The Gruffalo: post-apocalyptic edition. dyst literary journal, Issue #1 March 2020, 1-2. Available here.

(2019). The World Is Burning But At Least We Have Collective Nouns. Defenestration, [online] 18 September. Available here.

(2017). You Are Invited To Vote In The Spherical Earth Postal Survey. Bossy, [online] 26 September. Available here.


Short stories in print anthologies:

“The Snake’s Tail”; in Kindling III (2016). Sydney: Writer’s Edit Press. 

Based on a true story from my mother’s childhood in Ghana. My grandmother, a somewhat eccentric author of books on African wildlife, arranged a dead snake in a coil, froze it in the kitchen freezer, and then gave it to my mother to take to her primary school for show-and-tell.

It looked very lifelike. Pandemonium ensued.

“Friedrich’s Goat”; in Kindling II (2015). Sydney: Writer’s Edit Press.

Based on the true story of how my great-uncle, a former World War II fighter pilot for Britain, returned the Iron Cross to the widow of a man he shot down.

“Crossed Out”; in Stew and Sinkers (2013). Canberra: Stringybark Publishing.

Explores the true story of how my great-grandfather accidentally had our
whole family excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Warning for the godly: holy water suffers irreversible harm.

“Elsewhere”; in Marngrook (2012). Canberra: Stringybark Publishing.

I actually wrote this story in my final year of school, when I was 17. Clearly my upcoming final exams had me in a wonderful emotional place, for I chose to write about the experiences of a conscientious objector sent to the
front at Fromelles, during World War I.

Further details of my writing in print are available via my Goodreads profile.



(2017). Bartending. Not Very Quiet, [online] 10 September. Available here.

(2020). Children and Men. Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters, [online] 11 March. Available here.

(2019). Country House. Not Very Quiet, [online] 13 March. Available here.

(2019). Crossing Over. Farrago Magazine, 2019 Edition 1, February 27, pp.63. Available here.

(2020). Homing. Not Very Quiet, [online] 30 March. Available here

(2017). Iffy. Bossy, [online] 23 July. Available here.

(2019). “Life Lessons”. In: Grieve: Stories and Poems about Grief and Loss, Volume 7 (Newcastle: Hunter Writers Centre), p.87.

(2020). Portrait of a Lady. Baby Teeth Journal, [online] 28 July. Available here.

(2019). Synchronised Swimmers Found Dead in Australian Waterway. Not Very Quiet, [online] 21 September. Available here.

(2013). Riddle. Woroni: Creative Edition, [online], pp.10 (pp.13 in print edition). Available via Woroni here.

(2017). The Fireblight. ScienceWise, [online] 3 July. Available here.

(2017). The Road Mistaken. Woroni, [online] 18 April. Available here.

(2017). The Thesis. ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences, [online] 6 July. Available here.

(2017). Vertical Gardens. ANU Woroni Creative Magazine, pp.45. High Rise Competition Fellowship Shortlistee. Available here.

(2018). What a time to be alive! Not Very Quiet, [online] 10 March. Available here.

(2018). What Now. Not Very Quiet, [online] 16 September. Available here.

(2019). You’d probablement detest this poème. Australian Multilingual Writing Project, [online] 6 May. Available here.



” 留学改变了我 (Study Abroad Changed Me) ” – originally written in Mandarin, I translated this article into English for the newspaper Woroni. Both the original and the translation have been published here.

为什么要学习文学 (Why Study Literature) ” – originally written in Mandarin, I translated this article into English for the newspaper Woroni. Both the original and the translation have been published here.

“Pity Party” – I wrote a short play, Pity Party, and it was produced and performed by the National University Theatre Society in August 2017 as part of a short play night called “Brevity”. The play was an affectionate satire of hipster culture in which a piece of modern art – a humble orange peel – is inexplicably mistaken for trash and swept up by a part-time cleaning lady. Can the “citrus opus” ever be replaced? Chaos ensues.

I worked as an arts critic and reviewer for New Territory throughout 2019. I also worked as a columnist for Capital Letters (ACT Writers Centre) from 2016 to 2017.

June Shenfield Poetry Award