Article for Business Insider on letter-writing and family

“…what was perhaps overall so significant about this friendship, for me, was that here was a fully cognisant, older man, self-aware and open to communicating — but only via letters, and only, I realize now in hindsight, with someone young enough not to be overwhelmed by the sadnesses in his life, because I couldn’t entirely comprehend or contextualize them. In that sense, we both offered something to one another.”

I wrote about my friendship with my great-uncle for Business Insider. We were over 70 years apart in age and lived on opposite sides of the world, but struck up a friendship by writing letters to one another.

On suprising commonalities, meaningful connections, and the enduring positive influence that people can have on one another – the article can be found here.

Pictured: me aged 3, and my great-uncle aged 74.