Feature article in Mslexia

“…I had to face the fact that unless I changed something about my writing practice, I would slip back innto old routines and encounter similar outcomes…”

I was recently commissioned to write a feature for Issue 102 of Mslexia, an award-winning UK literary magazine. I’ve been signed up to Mslexia’s newsletter for years, so it was really exciting to be able to contribute something to this particular publication.

I wrote A moveable desk¬†for the magazine (p. 54-55) to share how I penned a full draft of a novel in large part on my Cambridge-London commute over the course of a year (2021-2022). In the article, I explore practical ideas related to writing practices; my own personal experiences; mixed feelings towards productivity culture; the British rail system; and, of course, the powers of self-delusion and rewriting one’s own story…

You can find the article (along with many other exciting pieces of writing) in Issue 102 of Mslexia.