Undergraduate Awards 2018

I am an experienced public speaker and have presented at various writers’ festivals and conferences. These include the National Young Writers’ Festival, the Emerging Writers’ Festival, the National Multicultural Festival, and the Global Undergraduate Summit.

Writers’ Festivals

– Digital Writers’ Festival 2019 – featured artist for Receipt Poetry event

– National Young Writers’ Festival 2019 – panelist for Building a Literary Journal

– Emerging Writers’ Festival 2019 – featured artist

– The National Multicultural Festival 2018 – voice soloist (French)

– Noted Writers Festival 2017: facilitator and speaker for various ‘Multilingual Hub’ events.

– National Young Writers’ Festival 2016 – panelist for:
– Heart Beats (on songs, writing, and personal experience – and in my case, the brilliance of Kate Bush)
– Research and Lived Experience (on how to sensitively tell a story which is not one’s own) – reviewed here.
– Lost In Translation (on the ethics and challenges involved in translation) – reviewed here.

Conferences / Academic

– The Global Undergraduate Awards 2018 – as a global winner, I presented my research at the Global Undergraduate Summit in Dublin, Ireland. My winning essay was published in the UA library here. A clip of me being interviewed about the summit has also been included in a UA promotional video.

– Australian National University PhB Symposium 2017 – closing speaker (discussing the value of humanities and current topical issues in Australian society around voice and identity)

– Australian National University PhB Symposium 2016 – speaker (presenting research on perceptions of women writers)

Literary Journals and Community Events

– ABC Radio Canberra – writer and editor Nancy Jin and I were interviewed by Paula Kruger of ABC Radio about Cicerone Journal, the literary publication we co-founded. Our interview with Paula can be accessed here.

– ACT Writers Centre / Harry Hartog Booksellers’ ‘Winter Warmer’ event, July 2019 – featured speaker

– Poetry Unplugged at Covent Garden’s Poetry Cafe, London (November 2018) – performer

Not Very Quiet‘s Women Poets Anthology 2018 – featured speaker

I have also given readings as a journal contributor at various events celebrating the launch of a literary journal’s latest issue.

Multicultural Festival
National Multicultural Festival 2018