At the arboretum

Something different

In August, I worked on an outdoor photoshoot with a local photographer. This was a throwback to my undergraduate days, during which my unusual height, conventionally marketable skin colour and I made a bit of pocket-money through modelling.  
I haven’t done much modelling since starting full-time work. Someday I think I’d be interested in writing about the industry; its highs and its lows, as seen from my outer-edge vantage point. This day, however, was pure good fun (and I do enjoy photography in the great outdoors). 
It also turned out to be an opportunity to catch up with old friends. The photographer, Nara O’Neil, and I had once worked together on a shoot for local bridal company De Challie Couture, and it’s always nice to reconnect with creative people. 
Anyway, the weather held and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon of shooting up at the local arboretum. A selection of photographs from the shoot also ended up being published in The Fox Magazine, which was a nice outcome. Here are a couple of my own favourites below: 
Photographer: Nara O’Neil 
MUA: Caroline Cresswell 

And if you ever have the chance to visit Canberra’s arboretum – the location of this shoot – do take it!

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