Reviewing ‘The Glad Shout’ by Alice Robinson

In April 2019, I was sent a copy of Australian author Alice Robinson’s second novel, The Glad Shout, having been asked to review it for feminist literature and arts journal Feminartsy.

I remembered having seen Alice speak at the National Young Writers’ Festival several year earlier, so I was excited to receive a copy of her book and see what she had been up to. It turns out that she has been up to a great deal and that The Glad Shout is – to no-one’s great surprise – pretty darn fantastic.

My review of the book can be found on Feminartsy‘s website here. It’s a gripping piece of speculative fiction that stands out for blending a distinctly Australian climate disaster narrative with a focus on women’s experiences. Many thanks again to the Feminartsy team for commissioning me to review the book and to Affirm Press for sending me a copy.

I was also happy to hear that Alice had seen and apparently enjoyed my review. A delightful surprise to have the author herself endorse my reading of her book! Needless to say, her kind comments certainly threw my ego a bone, and I’m pleased if my own review made her day a little brighter.

In conclusion: I don’t believe reviews have to be positive – but it’s always nice when one turns out that way. Happy to wholeheartedly recommend this book.