Feature article on language, accents, and song for The Music

Credit: Jordan Munns (via The Music website)

I recently wrote about the politics of singing in different accents – and specifically the delightful Aussie twang – for Australian music magazine The Music.

While I am an arts and culture journalist, I haven’t ventured much into writing about music and song. I have always been rather interested in the politics of singing in different languages and accents, however, which prompted me to reach out to an editor at The Music with an idea for a feature article. Happily, the article was commissioned! You can read the finished piece on The Music‘s website here.

I really enjoyed writing this piece. The question of why singers choose to sing in particular languages and accents is multi-faceted, incorporating considerations including vocal mechanics, marketing pressures, and politics. There’s more to it than meets the eye – or the ear.

Many thanks to Dan for commissioning this article.