Longlisted for poetry award

In the spirit of the award, I’ll keep things short! My poem ‘Natural Appetites’ was recently longlisted from among over 1,000 entries for the Briefly Write Poetry Prize 2023.

The Prize was searching for well-crafted poems of up to 10 lines, with “innovative language, strong imagery and a subtle, focused composition”.

I sent in a rather cryptic, symbolic poem called ‘Natural Appetites’, which I hope to get published at some point. It’s based on a nice afternoon I spent lying in a field by the river Cam, “eyes level with heels, wheels of cyclists”. Then I added a carnivorous flower on a whim, and the poem took on a life of its own.

I won’t share the poem as I’d like to have it formally published somewhere, but I will share some pictures from riverside locations in Cambridge. Many happy afternoons have been had in this beautiful place.