Writing for Meanjin

New year, new writing – a quick update

Towards the end of last year, I received an unexpected email from a friendly staff member at the Australian literary journal Meanjin. They’d read the article I’d written for Overland in September and really enjoyed it, and had decided to invite me to contribute an article to Meanjin‘s ‘What I’m Reading’ series.

Naturally, I was very happy at the prospect of writing about what I’d been reading and pushing onto all my friends, and to have the opportunity to push these books onto a wider audience as well. It was also a lovely surprise to be contacted out of the blue on behalf of a journal whose work I respect greatly.

Anyway, I wrote the article while travelling, which means it owes its existence largely to a string of Irish cafes with strong wifi connectivity and high tolerance for serial laptop loiterers. If you would like to read the resulting article, you can find it here.