On Wednesdays We Wear…

What does pink mean to you? 


Love it, hate it, debate it.

These photos were taken by talented young local photographer Hannah Pengilly (you can see more of her photography here and her artwork here). She is friendly and professional and fun to work with! It was nice to get outdoors and take some photos in the sunshine together.

I’d like to stick to my one-post-per-month habit, but my small recent writing successes are either currently on their way to me by post, or hanging around backstage until a new issue of a particular journal is published online. Hence sharing a few photos and the good work of another creative instead (though this is something I try to do anyway!).

As for pink, it is an inspirational, evocative colour. Right now it brings to mind pussy hats, the pink array at this year’s Oscars, this fabulous song, and the dragon fruit at the fresh food store near my work. It also evokes my grandmother’s breast cancer, my other grandmother’s breast cancer, and my mother’s breast cancer. One colour, many shades.

There are so many things I’d like to write about, and sometimes I worry about being too tired from work to be able to explore all the issues which matter to me, or to be creative in my free time. Then I grow frustrated with myself for wasting energy fretting – particularly over a worry which is, in the grand scheme of things, so small. A vicious, unnecessary circle!

Never mind though. One can only try one’s best – and if there’s a story at the end of it, all the better. Or maybe even another pussy hat.