Poem in Spellbinder (Spring 2021 issue)

Spellbinder – Spring 2021 issue

I recently received a copy of the Spring 2021 issue of Spellbinder in my pidgeonhole. Spellbinder is a quarterly literary and art magazine based in Durham, UK, and its editorial team seeks to champion experimental, original writing, as well as both emerging and established artists.

I liked Spellbinder‘s ethos and decided to send them a poem for consideration for their upcoming issue. Happily, they chose it for publication – a nice piece of news in a strange and stressful year!

‘Hooves’ is a memoir poem based on growing up around horses, coupled with a bleak bushfire memory. The 2003 Canberra bushfires scarred the local landscape as well as the local community, with fires reaching the suburbs of Australia’s capital. Several people died and hundreds more were injured. I’m not sure how many animals perished, but I do know many were unable to be evacuated in time. (Which – it is always worth re-emphasising – is yet another reason why having a bushfire survival plan is so important!).

The poem is pictured below, and you can learn more about Spellbinder here.